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Swarovski - Diapason V Set

This glamorous set consists of two Swarovski jewelry pieces. It includes the Diapason All-Around V N..

$323.67 $258.93 Ex Tax: $239.20

Swarovski - Alpha Medium Necklace

Sleek, chic, and very easy to wear. With an organic double V silhouette as the key design element, t..

$135.31 $108.25 Ex Tax: $100.00

Swarovski - Angelic All-Around Necklace

This exquisite necklace perfectly complements other pieces from Swarovski’s bestselling Angelic coll..

$269.54 $215.63 Ex Tax: $199.20

Swarovski - Attract Dual Light Necklace

A timeless creation for every occasion. Featuring a double halo of crystal pavé around a central cir..

$107.17 $85.73 Ex Tax: $79.20

Swarovski - Attract Heart Set

A gorgeous new addition to Swarovski’s popular Attract family. This rhodium-plated set includes a sp..

$135.31 $108.25 Ex Tax: $100.00

Swarovski - Creativity Circle Pendant

A stunning new interpretation of a timeless classic: the circle pendant. Highly refined, this design..

$85.52 $68.41 Ex Tax: $63.20

Swarovski - Cupid Set

A romantic new addition to Swarovski’s popular Cupid line. This set includes a necklace and a pair o..

$125.00 $100.00 Ex Tax: $100.00

Swarovski - Dear Medium Necklace

A sleek entwined heart design – a symbol of everlasting love. The Dear Medium Necklace sparkles with..

$107.17 $85.73 Ex Tax: $79.20

Swarovski - Dear Small Necklace

A sleek entwined heart design – a symbol of everlasting love. The rhodium-plated Dear Small Necklace..

$96.34 $77.07 Ex Tax: $71.20

Swarovski - Dear Small Set

The perfect Valentine’s gift. This set includes a pair of pierced earrings and a necklace. Crafted i..

$161.29 $129.03 Ex Tax: $119.20

Swarovski - Delta Pendant

Two looks in one! This versatile rose gold-plated pendant creates a classic yet contemporary look. S..

$107.17 $85.73 Ex Tax: $79.20

Swarovski - Diapason All-around V Necklace

A glamorous rhodium-plated necklace with a V silhouette. The romantic design impresses with a multit..

$269.54 $215.63 Ex Tax: $199.20

Swarovski - Dynamic Medium Pendant

Inspired by circle and spiral shapes, this pendant shows a trendy contrast between dark crystals and..

$135.31 $108.25 Ex Tax: $100.00

Swarovski - Eden Pendant

Inspired by flowers and butterflies, Swarovski’s Eden jewelry line radiates romance. With a must-hav..

$135.31 $108.25 Ex Tax: $100.00

Swarovski - Edify Medium Necklace

A glamorous, graphic interpretation of the classic pearl necklace. This breathtaking design shows a ..

$135.31 $108.25 Ex Tax: $100.00