Princess Cut Engagement Rings

The princess cut engagement ring is a classic choice for the betrothed. The face of the center diamond is either square shape or rectangular. The profile view of this gem is a four-sided inverted pyramid shape. The cut of this diamond is instantly recognizable.

Band Options

Choosing a material for the wedding band of your diamond engagement ring is as important as choosing the type of stone. When considering between gold or silver, keep in mind colors that flatter skin tone. People with warmer skin tones glow in gold jewelry. Likewise, cooler skin tones are complemented in silver. Here is a quick list of band options you can choose from:

Something else to consider is choosing what type of ring set you prefer. Here are some of the most popular ring setting options:

Comparing Princess Cut Diamonds to Other Styles

Other popular gem cuts include the cushion cut, a square-shaped diamond with rounded corners, and the halo ring that features one central diamond surrounded by a “halo” of smaller gems. Compared to these other options, the princess cut diamond is one of the most popular and classic choices. When choosing which ring is right for you, you will want to keep in mind whether you want something more traditional and simple, or something that really stands out. Each style is a beautiful option, so choosing the ring that’s right for you comes down to your preferences and personality.

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